Bannerflow offers around 90 widgets for all customers to use, free of charge. The widgets are here to help you take your banners to the next level. If you just want to make your banner look more fun and eye catching, use one of the effects. Or maybe you want to invite people to interact with the banner and maybe benefit from that extra engagement, try the utility widgets. 

All widgets in Bannerflow have their own custom settings that allows you to customise it for your needs and make it blend in with your brand design. ✏️

You can find all the widgets in the Media Library in the Banner builder. 

All our widgets ➡

Rolling wallpaper, Product feed navigation, Search box, YouTube video player, Snow, Jackpot ticker, Countdown timer, Fireflies, Scratch off, Swinging badge, Video player, Playback timer, Hover zoom, Shine, Classic confetti, Rollover, Smoke, Sparkles, Show and hide slider, Retina image displayer, Sprite sheet player, Image displayer, Paus, Sound toggle (for videos), Social buttons, YouTube subscribe, Twitter feed, Country flags, Lightning, Confetti fountain, Nodes background, Space travel, Tooltip, Typing text, Mailchimp list subscribe, Slot machine, City lights, Spotify follow, Spotify player, Click or hover slideshow, Mobile chat, Water, Bounce, Classic rays, Fireworks, Music equalizer bars, Digital clock, Bubbles on hover, Animated gradient, Rain, Rotating info text, Color particles, Cracked glass, Checkboxes, Mosaic background, Hover overlay, Magnifying glass, Karaoke text, Analog clock, Handwriting text, Moving wallpaper stripes, Old cinema, Vimeo video player, Loading text, Animated mouse pointer, Falling objects, Image transition, Peeling sticker, Video stensil, Linear gradient text, Radial gradient text, Simple slider, Fire, Polygon background, Jelly bubbles, Speech bubbles, Light switch, Rotating rays, Hanging panel, Line explosion, Draw, Roling dice, Free frame game, Sketch and draw, Text masking, Interactive lines, Disco ball, Color spin, Color bomb 

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