HTML5 banners can not be downloaded. The reason to this is that we have to host all scripts and contents that the Bannerflow banners are rendered with and if they would be downloaded thinking from a technical perspective then it would break many of the great features you get by using our HTML5 banners, such as real-time updating.
Our hosting solution also assure to give you, and your audience, a better advertising experience. Advertisers can benefit from hosted banners in a number of ways. For example, advertisers can always work from within the Bannerflow platform instead of having to move around a number of different files. Advertisers can also update their ads in real-time and take advantages of features such as Feed Banners. For the viewers, the advertising experience is enhanced, as Bannerflow can make sure that the ads are displayed correctly and optimized for the screen size they’re shown on.

However, you can download the fallback image that is generated along with the HTML5 banner. It's important to understand that the image banners does not have all the animations you see in the HTML5 banners. Read more here.

You can also export your banner as an mp4-video. Read more about this here.

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