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Conversion rate - a crash course
Conversion rate - a crash course

Track your campaign success, many purchases at a time.

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Conversion rate is the percentage of users who complete a desired action. This action will vary depending on industry and business, and will possibly even change as a marketer moves from one campaign to the next. By looking at each campaign’s goals, you can better determine the best action to compare against the total number of users. Here are some examples of conversions that you can measure:

  • Purchases

  • Page views

  • Leads

  • Downloads

Conversion Rate Calculation

Once you have decided on a goal (or three) to track, implement the conversion pixel and start track your conversion rate. There are a couple versions of conversion rate formulas out there, but this is how Bannerflow count conversions:

Conversion Rate = Clicks / Conversions

As an example of using this formula, let’s say that 1000 people saw your ad and visited your site, and 100 of those users converted. Your campaign’s conversion rate would be 10%. This formula is pretty straight-forward.

What is considered a good conversion rate?

Just like anything else involved in measuring your marketing success, determining whether you have an optimal conversion rate will depend on your business. The easiest way to know your conversion rate is indicating a successful campaign is by measuring it against past work. To do this, look at your metrics before running a new campaign and use it as a baseline.

For example, let’s say you are a clothing company running a campaign for a new sweater line and want to determine whether your ad campaign is successfully driving conversions. By comparing the new conversion rate to any campaign run in the past, you will get a baseline for measuring the success of your new conversion rate. And if you have no past campaigns to measure against, just know that the higher the percentage, the better your campaign is performing.

No matter what business you’re in, we bet we can help improve your click and conversion rate. Read more about our Auto-optimisation tool.

Why should you keep track of your conversion rate?

There are a couple reasons why you should be keeping track of your conversion rate. Firstly, a conversion rate allows you to track how successful your campaigns and creatives actually are. If you have a high conversion rate, you are doing something right! Conversion rates can also be an indicator of a successful UX design strategy. If your pages have a high conversion rate, the designs of your website and ads are likely appealing to your target audience.

Post click and post view conversions

Bannerflow measures two different types of conversions: post click conversions and post view.

  • Post click is counted when a user clicks an ad and then converts within 30 days.

  • Post view counts customers who were shown an ad and didn't click, but converted later (within 72 h)

When selecting a conversion pixel in analytics, you see both (All) "Conversions", "Post click" and "Post view".

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