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Intro to the Campaign Manager
Intro to the Campaign Manager

Learn how to get started unlocking the power of the Campaign Manager

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Please note that this feature is only available in Creative Studio and won’t be found in Banner Builder (legacy).

Bannerflow's Campaign Manager is the new home for Ad Ops specialists, Campaign Managers and traffickers in Bannerflow. A fundamental part of our automated trafficking workflow, the Campaign Manager helps you tailor and optimise campaigns with ease, in an intuitive and speedy workflow.

Whether you want to:

  • Quickly traffic hundreds of ads to your ad network

  • Change creatives in your affiliates webpages

  • Update your onsite hero content

  • React to real world events by changing your messaging in real-time

  • Increase relevance by scheduling all your creative variations

  • Use our Auto-Optimisation feature to make sure you boost your performance

Our intuitive and state-of-the-art Bannerflow Campaign Manager will have you reaching new heights in no time!

Campaigns, Ads and Creatives?

Let's start with explaining the structure of the campaign:

  • The campaign contain ads

  • Ads come in different sizes and languages and are basically containers that can hold creatives

  • Each ad should have a creative assigned to it, the creative need to have the same size and a version in the same language

  • Ads can be grouped in different ad groups

  • The creative can be updated or replaced without the need to re-publish the ad

Getting Started in the Campaign Manager

You enter the Campaign Manager in one of two ways. For more in-depth information for creating campaigns, read here.

  1. From inside Creative Studio, click the "Create campaign" button to create a campaign based on your creative set.

2. Or, by navigating to the Campaign Manager list view by clicking icon in the left hand menu, and then "New Campaign".

Once inside the campaign manager, you are able to toggle between two main views.

Ad List

One main view is the Ad list. Here you can gain an overview of all your ads and ad groups.

Here you can complete actions such as:

  • View ad properties, such as ad size, language, assigned creative, or publish status

  • Preview the ad content

  • Remove ads from campaigns

  • Set or change target URLs on ad level

  • Go to Analytics or Creative Studio

  • View the publish log for each ad

Decision Tree

Our Decision Tree is the heart and soul of the Campaign Manager. Here you can efficiently manage optimisation of creatives and ads at scale with only a few clicks.

Here is what you will find:

  • Creative set list - view all your creative sets and drag and drop to assign your ads

  • Add ad groups and ads

  • Assign creative sets

  • Replace or re-assign creatives in ads

  • View creative content in the right hand content panel

  • Preview ad content

  • Add rules to optimise your creatives, such as Auto-Optimisation and Scheduling

For more information about working in the Campaign Manager and the rules available, see the whole collection here.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!

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