Adding video to your creatives can be a smart move if you want to create engaging campaigns. A video ad offers dynamism, and can grab your audiences’ attention more than static images ever can. Video ads have higher engagement, and users are more likely to remember your message when it’s transmitted through video.

When doing this, Bannerflow will track how the video assets are performing, including metrics like:

  • Video starts

  • Duration 25/50/75/100%

The metrics can be grouped by the standard dimensions like:

  • Banner / Creative set

  • Domain

  • Device

  • Location

  • Campaign

The metrics explained

Video starts
When the ad is served the creative is rendered. If the video needs to be started by the user Bannerflow will track each time this happens, counted as a Video start.

If the creative contains an auto-started video Bannerflow is sending a request to the video source to start the video when the creative is rendered. Bannerflow tracks every time the source start the video as a video start. In this case the numer of starts should be close to the same as the number of impressions, but probably not identical. There is a chain of technical events involved and things like the user leaving the page will affect the ratio between impressions and video starts.

Duration 25/50/75/100%

When the video is started we track how engaged the viewer is. We group the views in 4 segments. If a user have seen more than 25% of the video but less than 50%, the user will counted to the 25% segment, and so on.

Both video starts and duration can be helpful to see how well your video works, and by grouping this by any of the Bannerflow dimensions you can understand if the video is over or under performing in a specific location or domain for example.

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