What Are Bannerflow Widgets?
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A widget is an iframe that can hold HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This means that we can utilize the same features in our banners as any website. Whether you want to have an interactive, dynamic or animated banner – Bannerflow widgets allow you to use the power of code without knowing how to write a single line yourself.

Bannerflow has a library of close to 100 widgets available to our customers. Bannerflow also provides custom widgets like betslips, currency converters, sliders, and trip finders as well as much much more. Thanks to the easy to use code editor you can also create your own widgets, all that’s needed is basic HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge to create or modify an existing widget for your brand.

This GIF shows an example of the widget "Rotating Rays", which is placed in the background of the ad.

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