How Does Bannerflow Tracking Work?
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Any banner that is published from Bannerflow using our 3PAS or integrations will automatically be tracked in Bannerflow’s analytics. This means everyone in your team can get a quick overview of how your campaigns are performing, compare the results of an A/B test, or observe hotspots with our heat mapping feature.

For more in depth analytics, simply implement the Bannerflow conversion pixel on your site to get a full understanding of your campaign performance within Bannerflow’s analytics. 

Bannerflow also supports tracking through other platforms like Google Analytics, Flashtalking and many more. Any tracking that is based on UTM-Parameters can be used in Bannerflow, either as a simple target url or as an automatically generated UTM via our custom script.

Using Bannerflow, you will also have any tracking you currently use in your DSP/Affiliate platforms.

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