Bannerflow banners can be exported to, and used with, Adform to create dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) campaigns.

Design, animate and scale your banners in Bannerflow and connect with your Dynamic Ads campaign in Adform.

Step by step guide

1. Start by creating the banners in Bannerflow

You should start off by creating the banners in Bannerflow that will be used as shells in Adform.  

Read all about building a DCO banner in Bannerflow here 🔗

2. Export banner(s) as Adform-ready ZIP file

When banner is ready, it can be exported as a Adform-ready ZIP file from Bannerflow. Start by copying the banner set’s Showcase link. E.g.

Browse to this banner export page 🔗and follow the three steps in the screenshot below.

Paste in the URL to the showcase. 

Select Adform - DCO - Dynamic Ad. 

Then click export banners. 

3. Upload the exported banners to Adform

Log in to your Adform account and go to Banners -> Banners -> Upload -> HTML5 Standard Ad. 

Select the zip files that you just downloaded using the export page. 

Don't forget to also upload any dynamic images or other assets that you will be referring to in your spreadsheet. That can be done under Assets. 

4. Set up the Dynamic ads in Adform

To get started, navigate to the Banners tab, select Creative Optimisation -> Dynamic Ads and then click Create. 

Click create. 

When you have clicked Create in the previous step you need to create the Dynamic Ad set up. Start by naming the ad and then assign Shells to your dynamic ads. 

Then select the banners that you have uploaded in the banners section and click OK.

Now go to versions and upload your spreadsheet that controls the dynamic content of the shells. 

Read more about setting up the targeting and the spreadsheet here 🔗

Once the spreadsheet is uploaded to Adform, you need to map the Columns from the spreadsheet. Make sure the column has the correct type set up. Click OK when you are done. 

The Dynamic Ad combinations can be viewed in the Preview tab.

Don't forget to save your dynamic Ad. 

For more details on the whole set up in Adform, please go here 🔗 or contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more about the possibilities of DCO with Bannerflow and Adform.

Good to know 💡

  • Once a Bannerflow banner is exported to Adform, design and text updates can be made in Bannerflow and is automatically updated in Adform

  • Bannerflow feeds can be used with Adform banners, same way as done today.

  • Dynamic images in Adform are supported in Bannerflow banners by the use of “Image displayer” widget.

  • Multi-feed profile’s are supported by using macros in this format; e.g. #Feed1.Headline#

  • Multi-row/array values - commonly used to show product carousels in banner - are supported by defining the wanted row (index) in the macro; e.g. #Feed2.Row3.ProductImage#

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