What is DCO?

Firstly, it stands for Dynamic Creative Optimisation. 

Dynamic creative is usually a feed source that is connected to your display advertising allowing you to update multiple banners in real-time from a single source. It may respond to real events, such as Live odds, or even respond to a users behaviour, eg. Abandoned cart or Product retargeting. With DCO, you can set rules sometimes referred to as a “decision tree” which helps determine which ad a user should see based on information such as: time, location, user journey or which products they have looked at on your website.

Using DCO enables you to put the right ad in front of the right user at the right time. For more information on how Bannerflow can get you started with DCO today, read here.

And, optimisation means that a DCO ad will use an algorithm, or machine learning to decide in real-time which ad should be served to a certain user for maximum results. It is quite simply an automatic optimisation rather than analysing data and updating campaigns manually. In order for the optimisation to be successful it is important to set clear goals and the algorithm will optimise accordingly.

Why should I use DCO?

Perhaps you should, perhaps you shouldn’t. Carefully read the answer above. Is it dynamic content you are after? Are you looking for the ability to speak to the right customer depending on the time, their location etc. To automate the creative process by using a data feed that can create thousands of versions in real-time, connected to perhaps a product catalogue?

Or are you looking for automatic optimisation algorithm that alter how your ads are bought and targeted based on incoming performance data?

If the latter is the case, then yes, you should be creating banners in Bannerflow for fully dynamic designs, and publishing them to a DCO platform of your choice. If not, contact your Customer Success Manager to find out how our dynamic content solutions can personalise your digital marketing?

Does Bannerflow support DCO? 


Here at Bannerflow, we are experts with dynamic content. Personalise your digital marketing with dynamic creatives with real time updates, and live reporting data. 

Or, create ads in Bannerflow following our Step-by-step guide here and export them to the DCO platform of your choice.

Alternatively, speak to your Customer Success Manager to hear about the DCO solutions that can be done 100% from within Bannerflow.

How do I create a DCO ad in Bannerflow?

See our step-by-step guide here to get started!

Where do I set up a data feed for my DCO ads?

For mass personalisation using dynamic content such as: live odds, product retargeting, or user journey retargeting, we can connect your first party direct to your banners so that the most relevant data is being served in real time to the right person. 

Or, if you are using a DCO platform such as Google Studio, you should set up the feed in the DCO platform itself. Please contact the support of the DCO platform to find out more on how to set up your DCO campaign.

Can I direct publish my DCO ads? 

Publishing to DCO platforms is currently done by uploading a zip file from Bannerflow to the platform of your choice. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you need assistance downloading the zip files.

Which DCO platforms do you support?

We can support all major DCO platforms, and so far have customers live with the major platforms such as Google Studio, Adform and Sizmek.

Why should I use Bannerflow & a DCO platform together?

Bannerflow allows real time design updates, and your DCO platform allows real-time decisions, meaning that with this combination, you can adjust designs in real time, to put the right design or creative, with the best content, in front of the right user, at the right time. Powerful combo!!

My dynamic assets are not updating properly, why can that be?

Common errors:

Are you dynamic fields not updating in your DCO platform? Review the following steps to ensure everything is set up properly.

  • Remove any inline text editing from the banner set open view. This is not supported by the DCO platforms. Make style adjustments directly in the editor instead.

  • Is your spreadsheet using only characters that are accepted? Some platforms don't allow certain characters such as /&% etc, in the feed spreadsheet. Use instead _ or - to be on the safe side.

  • Ensure you added # macros as required. See below above for using links for videos or images

  • Ensure you used the correct zip export option

Important to know:

  • Once a Bannerflow banner is exported to your DCO platform, design and text updates can be made in Bannerflow and is automatically updated in real-time.

  • If you wish to export DCO ads to a platform not currently supported, please contact your Customer Success Manager with your request.

  • Bannerflow feeds can be used with DCO banners, same way as done today.

  • Dynamic images are supported in Bannerflow banners by the use of “Dynamic image” widget. Use a macro such as #backgroundimage://images.bannerflow.com....png#

  • Multi-row/array values - commonly used to show product carousels in banner - are supported in Google Studio by defining the wanted row (index) in the macro; e.g. #Row3.ProductImage#

Where can I read more about DCO in Bannerflow?

For more information about how to get started with DCO ads in Bannerflow, contact your Customer Success Manager, or check out our support articles here.

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