Bannerflow banners can be exported to and used with major DCO platforms such as; Adform, Sizmek and Google Studio. 

Design and animate your banners in Bannerflow and connect with your Dynamic Content in the platform of your choice. With this combination, you get a powerful dynamic design tool in combination with a powerful content optimisation tool. If done right, your conversion rate will increase!

Create a DCO banner in Bannerflow

Create a new banner-set and design your banner(s) with as much creativity as you usually do. But, now instead of writing the wanted text and button translations directly in Bannerflow, use the name of the columns you will use in your feed spreadsheet as variables in your banner(s). 

Suppose we have a spreadsheet with the columns Headline, Sub-headline and Button. We can then instruct our banner to use these dynamic messages from the spreadsheet by entering the wanted column’s name within hashtags. E.g. #Headline#

Dynamic text messages

Drag in a text field in your banner and type in the hash tags and the name of the column from the spreadsheet, in this case we use #Headline#

Dynamic images

To use dynamic images from the spread sheet is as easy as the dynamic texts. Start by dragging in the widget "Image displayer". 

Here you should also use the column name from the spread sheet. Find the column with the image and add it to the image displayer text field using the hashtags, #background_image#

Easier preview

To make it easier to see the banner design in Bannerflow with more real texts, one can add a dummy text after the column name separated with a colon. This text will be shown when previewing the banner within Bannerflow. E.g. #Headline:Free shipping on your first order#

This also works the same way for images, then just enter the image URL after the colon. E.g. #backgroundimage://

Use of custom fonts 

If using custom, self-uploaded fonts in your banner, you need to make sure to include all characters needed. The reason is that the content is dynamic and Bannerflow are optimising all font. So we need to optimise font but also include all characters.

Drag in a text box and place it any where on the timeline and outside the banner canvas. Add all characters to that text box. You can copy and paste below:
A a; B b; C c; D d; E e; F f; G g; H h; I i; J j; K k; L l; M m; N n; O o; P p; Q q; R r; S s; T t; U u; V v; W w; X x; Y y; Z zÅ,å,Ä,ä,Ö,ö Å,å,Æ,æ,Ø,ø(Ä/ä, Ö/ö, Ü/ü)ß &!@£$%^&*()_;".?/ $€$£1234567890'

Also make sure this text box is using the same font you use in the banner. If your banner is using more fonts or font weights, just make sure you have one of these text boxes with all characters for each font or font weight. 

Multi-feed profiles

In some cases, using dynamic data from multiple feeds/sheets can be relevant. When using multiple sheets, reference your text fields and buttons, in Bannerflow, to your profile by adding the feed’s index as prefix to your values.

E.g. your profile contains two feeds/sheets and the first feed/sheet contains the Headline value - reference it by using #Feed1.Headline#.

What happens next? 

After creating the new banners by following the steps above, your banners are now ready to be published to the DCO platform of your choice. 🎉

If you want to publish to Google Studio, please read more about that here 🔗

Important to know 💡

  • Once a Bannerflow banner is exported to your DCO platform, design and text updates can be made in Bannerflow and is automatically updated in real-time.
  • If you wish to export DCO ads to a platform not currently supported, please contact your Customer Success Manager with your request.
  • Bannerflow feeds can be used with DCO banners, same way as done today.
  • Multi-row/array values - commonly used to show product carousels in banner - are supported in Google Studio by defining the wanted row (index) in the macro; e.g. #Row3.ProductImage#

Common errors ❌

Are you dynamic fields not updating in your DCO platform? Review the following steps to ensure everything is set up properly.

  • Remove any inline text editing from the banner set open view. This is not supported by the DCO platforms. Make style adjustments directly in the editor instead.
  • Is your spreadsheet using only characters that are accepted? Some platforms don't allow certain characters such as /&% etc, in the feed spreadsheet. Use instead _ or - to be on the safe side.
  • Ensure you added # macros as required. See section above for using links for videos or images
  • Ensure you used the correct zip export option

Should you still have issues, contact support for the DCO platform you are using to find out the cause of the issue.

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