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Analysing and optimising conversions
Analysing and optimising conversions

Once you have conversion pixels in place, use them to increase conversions!

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If you are reading this, then you have probably already set up conversion pixels in your website. If not, we recommend reading this article first.

Analysing the data

To find your conversions data, navigate to the Analytics module.

If you have clicked your way in from the side menu, you should be seeing analytics for the whole brand you are currently in. 

With our Analytics tool you can sort and dig deeper into the data in anyway you wish. Should you wish to see conversions per user country, click on the location card under the graph. Should you wish to see conversions per domain, then navigate to the domains card.

If you are not seeing the Conversions data in the table as per default, then click on the metric picker button to add your conversion pixels as extra columns.

You should now see conversions data for any card you chose. Navigate back and forth freely through different cards to see how your conversions look across different domains, locations, devices and creative sets.

Optimising your conversion funnel:

Depending on the funnel you have set up, this process could vary greatly. Therefore, here are a few best practices to think about when using data from Bannerflow to optimise your funnel.

  1. Where are your users dropping off? Are you able to see on which specific step in the user journey the users are dropping off? If not, then ensure you are measuring every step of the user journey.

  2. Combine data with user testing: Once you have identified problem areas, it's time to dig manually into what the issue could be. Is the button hard to find? Is there too much text to read, or perhaps too little information? Are you attracting the wrong type of lead? These questions and many more are what you need to ask yourselves during the process.

  3. Kill your darlings: Always a difficult step in any design iteration, but now is the time to do it. If something isn't working, you need to iterate and A/B test other options, regardless of how much you believe in the original design

  4. A/B test Creatives & Landing pages: When optimising, A/B testing is always going to be important. Remember to only change one element at a time, and keep a control to compare against. Don't make the mistake of changing too many elements on a page at a time, and therefore losing track of which changes it was that improved your traffic and conversions.

  5. Landing Page Builder: With our landing page builder it is super simple to created multiple versions of your landing pages, combined with our conversion counting your can truly boost your conversion rate.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!

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