Get the Banner tags for the banner set that you want to publish. More information about publishing via banner tags can be found here 🔗

Copy the tags or save them as a .xls file. 

1. In order to proceed, you should now log into your Bidtheatre account.  

2. In the campaign setup, go to ad creatives and click the “new ad” button:

3. Now enter the details for your banner, including its name (optional), its status and its size. You should make sure that “ad type” is selected as “HTML banner”.

4. Next paste in the code which you copied from Bannerflow into the “HTML/3rd Party Tag” box. When you are happy with the details that you have filled in all the information correctly, click “Save” as shown below:

5. Your Bannerflow banner is now successfully saved into Bidtheatre! 

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