In Bannerflow

1. In Bannerflow, go into the campaign where your banners are located.

2. Click on Publish or on Publish for a specific banner.

3. Get Banner Tags unless you get to select banners right away.

4. Select the Banners you would like to get the Banner Tags for and then proceed by clicking Select x banners.

5. Find Income Access in the list of networks. Once Income Access is selected, you should see the Banner Tags updated with necessary parameters for Income Access.

6. Copy the Banner tags and/or save them to a text file if preferred.

7. Send these tags across to your account manager to have them inserted into your accounts.

Direct Publishing

Setting up the direct publishing:

 1. In order to directly publish to Income Access, you are required to have a Merchant Report provided by them to access their API.

 2. Upon receiving this report, you will have received 3 key components:

  • A Sync Domain – your platform domain in Income access

  • Sync Credential User name – name of your Merchant/Merchants (since it is common to have several merchants, add these as separate user names)

  • Sync Credential ID/Key – this key is taken from Merchant account details section in Income Access platform, and is individual for each merchant)

But you/we will also need:

  • Language IDs – You will need to specify all Languages you want to use in Bannerflow, with a unique ID in Income Access in order to successfully publish ads in this Language. The Language IDs in Income Access are unique for each client. In order to receive information about what language IDs you should use, you will need to reach out to your account manager at Income access and they will provide the necessary information.

  • Remote directory – the filepath to your chosen Remote directory in Income Access. The Remote directory you have might be specified /bannerflow/bannerflow/... but is always specified with only one /bannerflow/ when you set up the integration inside Bannerflow.
     3. Once providing these to Bannerflow, we are able to initiate direct publishing to your account.
    Publishing through direct publishing: 

1. Click the publish button in the banner set.

2. Select Income Access. 

3. Select the banners in which you wish to send to Income Access.

4. Select the Merchant Id from the column on the left, and then select the campaign name (This name may differ depending on how your account is set up).

5. Click Publish to send your Banners to Income Access.

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