👉  Please note: It is advised that customers using Sizmek should get in contact with their Client Services Manager who will help you to fulfill the requirements needed.

In Bannerflow

1. Click on Publish or on Publish for a specific banner.

2. Get Banner Tags unless you get to select banners right away.

3. Select the Banners you would like to get the Banner Tags for and then proceed by clicking Select x banners.

4. Find Sizmek in the list of networks. Once Sizmek is selected, you should see the Banner Tags updated with necessary parameters for Sizmek.

5. Copy the Banner tags and/or save them to a text file if preferred.

Uploading Bannerflow Tags Into Sizmek

In order to process there are some requirements that have to be met in order for you to be able to allowed to upload/get your created HTML5 banners into the Sizmek system, these are as follows:

  • Based on your contract with Sizmek, a CSM(Client Services Manager, aka. Account manager) has to upload the Banners as 4th-party ads for you.

  • Based on your contract with Sizmek, the function/product that allows importing of third party ads has to be enabled on your account. This will be labelled as Partner 4th Party Banners.

*If you have not used 3rd party creatives in Sizmek before, you should first contact your CSM.*
Once you have been granted the permission needed to import third party ads you are given access to upload your own 4th Party ads within the Sizmek MDX platform.

Uploading your Bannertag to Sizmek

1. Select Manage on your left hand side and select Ads.

2. Create a new Ad from the dropdown list by clicking New and selecting Create New Ad. This will create a new window.

3. To insert a Partner 4th Party ad, select this from the Ad Format Dropdown list. Paste your Sizmek script tag within the 4th Party Tag text field, and insert the Width and Height for the banner.

*Note: Inserting a clickthrough URL at this stage will override the click URL you have already determined within BannerFlow *
If you are experiencing any issues with your Banners, feel free to reach out to us here at Bannerflow or alternatively, contact Sizmek Support.

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