Get the Banner tags for the banner set that you want to publish. More information about publishing via banner tags can be found here 🔗

Copy the tags or save them as a .xls file. 

1. To proceed, login to your OpenX account and click on “Inventory “-> “Banners” and then click on “Add new banner”.

2. On the “Add new banner” page, select Generic HTML Banner in the dropdown menu for choosing the banner type.

3. Enter the banner name in the “Name” field and then paste the banner script for your banner that was exported from Bannerflow in to the “Create an HTML banner – banner code” box and select Generic HTML Banner.

4. Set the “Destination URL” (the webpage the user will be redirected to when clicking the banner), specify the banner’s format size, add some additional data if preferred and then click “save”, as demonstrated in the image below.

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