In Bannerflow

1. In Bannerflow, go into the campaign where your banners are located and click on Publish or on Publish for a specific banner.

2. Click on Get Banner Tags unless you get to select banners right away.

3. Select the Banners you would like to get the Banner Tags for and then proceed by clicking Select x banners.

4. Find MyAffiliates in the list of networks. Once MyAffiliates is selected, you should see the Banner Tags updated with necessary parameters for MyAffiliates.

5. Copy the Banner tags and/or save them to a text file if preferred.

In MyAffiliates

1. In order to proceed you should now log in to your MyAffiliates account.

2. When arriving on the dashboard you should go to Operations -> Media -> Create media, and select HTML Banners.

3. Now you should enter the title of your banner, paste the embed code that you took from Bannerflow and enter the other required information, as demonstrated in the image below.

4. When you are satisfied with the information you should click save. Repeat this process until all the banners uploaded to MyAffiliates.

Setting up your Direct Integration

In order to have a one click publish, you need to setup a direct integration to MyAffiliates. We have done the hard work, so all you need now are some credentials and unique information from your MyAffiliates account, and you are done.

1. Gather the following from your MyAffiliates account:

a. Username
b. Password
c. Your API endpoint.
This is the URL you go to when logging in. Here is an example:

2. Go to your brand settings in Bannerflow (Note: you must be Admin in Bannerflow to access the brand settings)
3. Click on the Publish tab
4. Click "New Integration" and choose MyAffiliates from the drop down list.
5. Enter the above information, and click "Save Integration"

Once the above is done you will need to set up the integration to match with your MyAffiliates account. 

Please note: All of the following information should come from your MyAffiliates account. Please contact MyAffiliates support at to assist with getting the right ID numbers for Media, Localisations and Banner size mapping.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that all ID numbers are Unique. Should you try to publish a banner that has for example a Media ID that is the same as a Banner size ID, the publish will fail as MyAffiliates cannot handle more than one of the same ID.

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