Get the Banner tags for the banner set that you want to publish. More information about publishing via banner tags can be found here 🔗

Copy the tags or save them as a .xls file. 

1. You should now log in to your AppNexus account.

2. On arrival into the console select Advertisers > Creative Manager. On the Creative Manager screen click the Create New button, and then select Single Creative. This will open the Create New Creative dialog.

3. Under Type you should select Third-party creative and then select Third-party tag from the Creative Format menu.

4. In the Tag box paste the banner tag you have copied from Bannerflow in step 4.

5. Next, under Tag type select “This tag is JavaScript code”.

6. The Media Type and Template fields are default to the correct settings for standard banner creatives.

7. Select the size of your banner fro the Size drop-down menu. If your banner size is not included in the list, you can select New and enter custom dimensions.

8. In the details section enter the name for your creative.

9. When you are satisfied with the information you have entered, click next to proceed.

10. Next there is an option to add any third-party tracking pixels that you want to add.

11. You can now check to ensure that your creative is displayed properly by clicking the preview tab as shown below. If you wish to use AppNexus to track clicks on your creative, check the Enable click tracking box.

12. Under the Creative Attributes tab, choose whether you would like to submit the creative for AppNexus audit, classify the creative yourself, of exclude your creative from the auditing entirely.

13. Next, under the Ad Servers tab you are asked to declare any ad servers. Here, select ‘Don’t declare ad servers for this creative’  as the Bannerflow servers are already approved by Google Ad Exchange and therefore do not need to be declared.

14. Next, on the Creative Association tab you can add the creative to campaigns or line items that you wish to associate them with.

15. After entering the required information under the segments and budget tabs, and you are happy with the information you have entered, click the Save button. The creative will now show up under Creatives on the Creative Manager screen.

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