Setting up the Direct Publishing

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager/DFP

  2. Click Admin Access & authorisation Users.

  3. Click New user.

  4. Enter the user's information in the fields.

  5. Email -
    Confirm email -
    Profile name - bannerflow_integration
    Can be anything but recommended to include bannerflow so it's easily distinguishable.

  6. Select the appropriate user role. NOTE: The user role need full access to All campaigns

  7. Click Save to save your settings and send an email invitation with sign-up instructions. The invitation email contains an expiration date.

  8. Once we have accepted the invitation then you will be able to set up a direct integration in your brand settings.

When the user is created, please send a notice to your Bannerflow Account Manager or to and we'll complete the integration for you.


1. In Bannerflow, go into the campaign where your banners are located.

2. Click on Publish or on Publish for a specific banner.

3. Click on the Get Banner Tags unless you get to select banners right away.

4. Select the Banners you would like to get the Banner Tags for and the proceed by clicking Select X banners.

5. Find Ad Manager/DFP in the list of networks. Once Ad Manager/DFP is selected, you should see the Banner Tags updated with necessary parameters for Google Ad manager.

6. Copy the Banner tags and/or save them to a text file if preferred.

👉  Please note: There are several options. The one ending with BF allow you to decide the final landing page from Bannerflow whereas the one ending with DFP let you specify the final landing page in DFP instead.

In Google Ad manager

1. Log in to your DoubleClick DFP account.

2. Find and click on Creatives in the left panel.

3. Click on Add creatives and choose Advertiser.

4. Click on Third-party so that you can import Bannerflow banners.

5. Enter a custom name for the creative.

6. Paste the banner embed code you export from Bannerflow.

7. Select the creatives size (the banner's size e.g 120x600).

8. Click on save and you're good to go!

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