The BannerFlow Design Store is filled with creative, engaging, ready-to-use assets, features and widgets. You will find millions of images in our library, so you don’t need to search outside the tool, and there are over 50 widgets (with many more to come) to make your banners look amazing and convert better than ever before.

  • There are two types of assets available in the Store; ”Free" and ”Premium". The premium assets are available after paying a one-time fee, while the free ones are available to use without charge.
  • When you are creating a banner you can place both free and premium assets from the Design Store in your design before paying anything, which allows you to preview the premium assets. They can be modified and tweaked how your want to create your perfect banner. When your design is ready and you want to save your banner, we will prompt you to pay for any premium assets used in your banner. Once you have purchased a premium asset the banner can be saved and the asset can be used an unlimited number of times on your account.
  • If there is no prompt for a payment when saving, you have created a design without any premium assets which you haven’t previously purchased. The number within brackets on the ”Save” button allows you to see how many unpaid premium assets currently being used in your design.
  • All purchases are made with your regular payment method or with Credits:
    · If you are using invoices, all premium assets purchased during a month will be added your invoice the month after.
    · If you are using credit card, all purchases will be made directly.
    · First time you use the Store you will receive 1,000 credits for free, to use in the Design Store.
  • When purchasing a premium asset you are not paying to acquire ownership of these assets , but instead purchasing a license to use these assets within the BannerFlow platform. The creators of the assets will always retain all eventual copyright to their work.
  • BannerFlow reserve the right to change the fees of all premium assets at any time.


  • Premium images will contain a watermark until they have been purchased.
  • Purchased images are only allowed to be used in banners produced in BannerFlow.

Users may not use any Image...

  1. together with pornographic, defamatory, or unlawful content or in such a manner that it infringes upon any third party’s trademark or intellectual property rights.
  2. in a way that places any person depicted in the Image in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive - this includes, but is not limited to the use of Content in a manner that depicts a recognizable person contained in such Image:
    a. in “adult oriented” contexts
    b. in a manner promoting tobacco or drug use
    promoting politicians, political ideologies or positions
    as suffering from, or medicating for, a physical or mental ailment
    in any manner that is defamatory, or contains unlawful or offensive content under the law;
  3. as, or as part of, a trademark, service mark, or logo
  4. except solely as incorporated into banners Works created using the BannerFlow platform.

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