How To...

  • Create a border for your banner

    What would the world be without borders, and even more so the internet? Follow these easy 3 steps and create a border for your banner in no time. Drag and drop one of your gradient assets to the canvas. In the styles panel, remove the Lin...

  • Convert your logotypes into SVG

    Logotypes are usually created vectored through e.g Adobe Illustrator or similar programs that handles creation of vector graphics well. Vectored images are often saved as .ai or .eps files which are the default work-files. Vector images may also be saved as P...

  • Optimizing banner file size

    In the world of online advertising, the file-size of your banners are usually enforced to be kept low by the ad networks mostly in order to reduce long page loads. In the midst of this, a war of load time comes to hand where you fight to have the lowest possib...

  • Add deeplinking to images

    It's not possible to deep link an images in Bannerflow, you can only add deep linking to texts (and buttons). So, in order to add links to an image you need to do a small workaround. The workaround is to add text fields that is covering the images you want to ...

  • How to make a line in your banner

    This article will show you how you can make a line in you banner by using a gradient asset. Start by drag and drop any of the gradient assets to the canvas. You can make it fill the whole canvas by double clicking on the gradient. Adjust the hei...

  • Applying a custom target URL to a specific banner

    Add a custom target URL It is easy to add a custom target URL to a specific banner. Follow these three steps. Click on the link below the banner you wish to change the target URL for. A new window will appear asking you to specify the target URL for th...

  • Add colors to your brand

    You can add your brand colors so you easily can access these in the banner builder. Start by clicking on account and brands in the menu bar, then click on the cogwheel to enter the menu. You will land on the brand's settings view. From there, click on Asse...
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