• Publish all or several banners

    Receiving the banner tags for publishers and affiliates can easily be done through the Publish wizard. How to Publish Click on the Publish button in a banner set and you will be taken to the Publish wizard. (Optional) If you have any direct inte...

  • Publish a specific banner

    To get the banner tag for a specific banner you can click the publish button corresponding to each banner. The buttons will appear when you hover over the banner. Now, select the ad, affiliate or content network that you already use, so you can easily...

  • Target URL when publishing

    The Target URL for your banners are by default the web address that is set in your brand settings but can be changed and set specifically for a banner. Target URLs in BannerFlow can be customized in specific version or customized when publishing a specific or ...

  • Banner type

    The banner type defines which type of banner you wish to display with the banner tag. BannerFlow banners has two different banner types, either HTML5 or image. All banners made in BannerFlow do automatically get a GIF banner (fallback image) generated. But th...

  • Responsive size

    Websites of today are getting all more and more responsive to the device and screen sizes that people are using. Responsive means that the thing in question, websites in this case, are adjusting accordingly to the device the viewer is using to browse the websi...

  • Polite loading

    What’s a politely loading banner and what good does it make? As an advertiser you’d be happy to get a couple of seconds at the most of your customers time. You would probably also have to fight for attention from other advertisers’ surrounding display banne...

  • Direct publishing - Banner name macros

    In most cases, a guideline and structure is to be followed on the external network the banners has been directly published to. To live up to these specification, one can alter the final banner name which will be seen in the given network by changing, removing ...
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