Feeded Banners

  • Getting started - What are feeded banners?

    What are feeded banners? Feeds allows you to create banners that pull in live and automated content from sources such as your product base. By using technology such as web feeds, up-to-date information can be displayed in your online banners. Creating f...

  • Getting started - How to add feed sources to BannerFlow

    Before you can start designing and building your banner you should upload the feed that you want to use in BannerFlow. The data you have selected will be previewed on right-hand side of the screen. Log in to your BannerFlow account and select Feed...

  • Getting started - How to add feed to a banner

    Adding feeds to a new banner Select Banners in the menu to the right and then click the button "New banner set" to create a new banner set. Whilst you can add feeds to any of your existing banner sets, it is recommended to start a new banner set. Name ...

  • Expressions and functions

    Here's a list of expressions that can be applied to the feed value in order to manipulate the output value to your liking. All expressions can be combined and is executed inwards out as seen visually. Numeric expressions Expression Pre-expressio...

  • Date formatting patterns

    There are many ways of formatting a date - Below is a list of available patterns that can freely be used. Format specifier Description Examples "d" The day of the month, from 1 through 31 2009-06-01T13:45:30 -> 1 2009-06-15T13:45:30 -...

  • Language/Country codes

    Below is a list of Language/Country codes that can be used in the feed expressions to do for example conversions. (The codes are not case sensitive) Language (country) Code Albanian (Albania) sq-AL Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH Arabi...

  • Using Google Sheets as feed source

    Create new Google Sheet with one or multiple sheets Enter wanted field names/titles on the first row and the actual data on row 2 and forward Publish your Google Sheet to allow BannerFlow to access it. Click File > Publish to the web... Make sure “...

  • Feed Operations

    You can filter and alter the contents of your feeds to use only the data that is required. Each operation consist of two pickers, one Group picker and one Field picker and selecting correct of each is usually crucial for the operation to work properly. To put...

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