Banner Builder

  • Menu options

    The banner builder has like any other software a menu that always is accessible. The menu consists of the following options and actions: Menu options File Save. Simply saves the banner. History. Revisions based on saves and exit. This is ...

  • Uploaded media and elements

    Assets The Media Library is where all your uploaded assets (images and media) are listed and contains by default a predefined set of various assets, texts, buttons and gradients that are automatically created when your account is created. If you uploaded a...

  • Styles panel

    It's easy to apply styles and change the appearance of assets through the styles panel, both on texts and other assets but also on the banner's canvas itself. Asset properties Text Lets you specify which text the element should use. This only ava...

  • Styles

    Here is a list of all available styles and what they do: Text Font A list of different fonts(typefaces) that you have available on your account and that can be set to your text(s). More fonts can be added through the font manager. Text size Sets the ...

  • The timeline

    The timeline is where you set the order and depth of the banner's elements and change the length of each element as well as applying animations(transitions and pulsate effects). It's rather similar to any video or photo editing software. Moving elements is do...

  • Transitions and animations

    All elements can be animated by adding transitions to them that will be run at the start and end point of an elements duration. There are several neat predefined transitions that you can use right of the bat. Transitions can be modified as well as created ...

  • Pulsate effects

    Each element can have a pulsate effect which is played throughout the entire duration of an elements lifespan except for when the transitions are running. A small heart icon will appear on the element when the mouse hovered over it. On clicki...

  • Manage fonts

    Fonts are easy to work with in BannerFlow, you can easily upload your own, custom fonts, or choose from a wide variety of open source fonts from Google Fonts. To browse to and manage your fonts, either click File -> Manage fonts in the banner builder menu....

  • How to create a text in your banner

    Texts are in the most cases very important to have in your banners and with BannerFlow's Banner Builder you can create, edit and customize texts really easy. One thing to really keep in mind is that having at least one text in your banner(s) is necessary in o...

  • Specifying texts

    Banners does in most cases consist of texts in order to provide a more clear message. But what if you want to have different banner designs in the same banner set but want to keep the same texts throughout all banners in the entire banner set without the need...
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