General questions

  • How do I log in?

    Once you have signed up and have had your account created you can always log in using the following URL:

  • Do I have to confirm my email?

    On registering a BannerFlow account an email will be sent to the email given on registration which will prompt you to confirm your email. This has to be done within 24 hours after register or your account will get disabled, confirming your email will activate ...

  • How does BannerFlow banners work?

    BannerFlow banners are made in HTML5 and CSS3 which is the modern standard of websites and is displayed on websites through an embed code based on javascript that can be exported from BannerFlow. Banners' embed codes can easily be retrieved from the share sect...

  • Do I need another ad host?

    No. All BannerFlow subscription plans include ad hosting at the CPM of your chosen price plan. All created banners are hosted and served by our fully-managed cloud ad hosting and is included on all subscription plans. This is necessary in order to ensure that...

  • What is an ad impression?

    An impression (view or exposure) occurs each time a banner ad is loaded from our servers and shown to the viewer’s screen.

  • Can I download BannerFlow?

    No. BannerFlow is a fully-managed web service. There is no need to download anything since we handle all the work for you.

  • What is meant by unlimited?

    Certain BannerFlow features do not have resource limits for normal usage. For example that means you can create as many banners or upload any amount of images as you like to BannerFlow. How great is that?

  • How do I cancel the service?

    Canceling BannerFlow is easy and can be done at any time. To cancel your account simply go to your Account settings by clicking Settings in the top navigation bar. In the sub navigation, find and click on Financial. On the financial page, click on click her...

  • How do I update/change payment information?

    Changing payment information in BannerFlow is an easy and no-questions-asked process and can be done at any time. To change the payment information on your account, simply go to Settings then select Financial and click the link in the paragraph "Credit card i...

  • Where can I review the terms of service and privacy policy?

    Here are our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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