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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 11:30AM CEST

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    The Target URL for your banners are by default the web address that is set in your brand settings but can be changed and set specifically for a banner. Target URLs in BannerFlow can be customized in specific version or customized when publishing a specific or multiple banners.

    Setting the Target URL can be useful if you are running a banner set which has a specific landing page that you want the visitors to land on when clicking on your banner. One thing to note is that target URLs that are set on a banner when sharing will override the Target URL set for a version.


    Setting the Target URL for all banners



    1. Click on the Publish-button.



    2. Select Get banner tags.





      Since all banners in the banner set are selected by default when you have clicked the publish-button on top of the page, you can now just click Select X banners.

    4. Click on "Target URL-Custom target URL".


    5. Enter your custom Target URL that you want to use for your banners.


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