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Last Updated: Aug 08, 2016 02:57PM CEST

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    A Target URL is the web address to which web page that one will land on when clicking on a banner.

    The Target URL for your banners are by default the brand web address that is set in your brand settings but can be changed and set specifically for a banner.

    Target URLs in BannerFlow can be customized in specific version or customized when publishing a specific or multiple banners.

    To customize a target URL for a version, select the version which you want to change the target URL on and click on Edit or on the URL located right below the language version ( as seen on the image below) to edit the version's settings.


    A popup window for the selected version will be opened which contains the version settings. Within this window, you'll find Target URL which can be changed to your liking.

    The Target URL will automatically be applied to the banners corresponding to the specific version so clicking on a banner using e.g a Swedish version would take you to the web address specified in the Swedish version's Target URL.




    Target URLs can also be applied on specific texts in a banner as well, this is called Deep linking. Learn more about deep linking.

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