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    Here is a list of all available styles and what they do:


    • Font
      A list of different fonts(typefaces) that you have available on your account and that can be set to your text(s). More fonts can be added through the font manager.
    • Text size
      Sets the font-size of the text.
    • Text color
      Sets the text's color.
    • Text shadow
      Applies a shadow to the text.
    • Font weight
      Sets the weight of the text.
    • Italic
      Here you can make the text italic or back to normal. 
    • Max rows
      Define how many rows that the text is allowed to have.
    • Line height
      Sets the line height the text has, creates more spacing between the letters vertically.
    • Letter spacing
      Creates more spacing between each letter.
    • Text align
      Sets the alignment the text should have accordingly to it's container, it's set to Center by default.
    • Padding
      Creates a padding space around the text
    • Letter case
      This style is converting the letters to upper or lower case. You can have the whole text box in lower case or upper case letters. Or you can select the option capitalize which will convert the first letter in all words upper case.
    • Vertical align
      Allows you to decide if the text should be vertically aligned to the top, bottom or centered in the text box.
    • Text resize 
      When this style is set to Individual Rows (default), the text on every row will be resized individually to fit the size of the text box.
      When the style is set to Entire Text, all text in the text box will be resized when I resize the text box.
      If you set this style to No resize it will simply do nothing to the text even if the textbox is resized.
    • Text skew
      This style allows you to tilt the text to the right or to the left. You can tilt it as much as you like.


    • Opacity
      Gives the element opacity.
    • Background color
      Sets a background color to the element. Is applicable on transparent PNGs and SVGs
    • Border
      Creates a border around the element
    • Shadow
      Applies a shadow to the element, applies on it's exact size.
    • Linear gradient
      Sets a linear gradient background. Only applicable on BannerFlow- Texts, Buttons and Gradients.
    • Radial gradient
      Sets a radial gradient background. Only applicable on BannerFlow- Texts, Buttons and Gradients.
    • Background size
      This style can be set to 25%, 50%, 100%, cover or contain. This style is changing the size of the image but is keeping the bounds in the original size. In the example below, the background size is set to 50%.
    • Background repeat
      If Background size is set to less than 100%, the image will repeat according to the option you have selected. The repeat options are None, Repeat, Repeat X and Repeat Y. 
    • Background position If Background size is set to less than 100%, the image will position according to the selected option. See the options below. 
    • Rounded corners
      Makes all or specific corners rounded
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