Do I need another ad host?

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 10:05AM CEST

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    No. All BannerFlow subscription plans include ad hosting at the CPM of your chosen price plan.

    All created banners are hosted and served by our fully-managed cloud ad hosting and is included on all subscription plans. This is necessary in order to ensure that the banners are served correctly and remain available at all times as well as making it possible to update the banners without the need of having to reupload/republish the banners to sites. Additionally that we host everything for you is a huge time saver because HTML5 banners consist of dozens of files, that if created manually you would have to download and upload to an ad server.


    All banners are "exported" by clicking on the publish buttons found either connected to each banner or on the larger Publish button at the top of each campaign. From there you can export the scripts that are loading the banners, simply insert the script for the banner you want on your site and it will be displayed.


    We do not host external already-made banners although it's in most cases fully possible for anyone to easily recreate banners that are already made.
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