BannerFlow Scheduling allows you to dictate the order in which your banner sets are displayed live. You can plan for a year ahead if you want and if you have a banner set that you’re looking to effectively "pause" when it is live, you can enable this through creating schedules.

Setting up a schedule using the Wizard

When you start using the schedules in Bannerflow you will be welcomed by the wizard. We recommend that you use the wizard in the beginning, it helps you get started and to make sure that you have included all the necessary elements. When you feel comfortable with creating schedules you can just tick the checkbox and click “skip” in the upper right corner. And next time you will start directly from the calendar view. 

1. First step asks you to type in a name for your schedule. 

2. Second step, and maybe the most important part of setting up a schedule! Select a backup banner set! The back up banner set should be a big banner set containing all the sizes and language versions that you work with. The reason why it’s so important to have a good back up banner set is because it makes sure that your schedule always displays banners. Imagine what would happen otherwise if you scheduled a banner set for a week and then you have a gap until the next campaign should start? 

3. Select the banner set or banner sets that you want to add to your schedule. You can choose among all the banner sets in the brand. Already here you can decide between which dates you want the banner sets to run. 

4. Now it’s time to start selecting placeholders. One placeholder is a combination of a size and a language, the concept of a placeholder will be explained further later in this article. 

We start with the sizes. Naturally, you can only select among the sizes that actually exists in the selected banner sets. 

5. Now select the languages you want to include in the schedule. 

6. The final step of the wizard is a summary of all the choices you made. Review it and then click Create. Clicking create will take you to the calendar where you can continue to edit and manage the schedule. 

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