It's now finally possible to change the language (or "localization") on placeholders in a schedule! Just as before, a placeholder can only display banners that share its language property, meaning, a Swedish placeholder can only display Swedish banners. 

Therefore, changing the language of a placeholder will make it display only banners also using that new, chosen language. The big benefit of using this feature instead of creating brand new placeholders is that you are able to keep all your live placeholders as they are, without the need to re-create or re-publish anything.

Here's a small step-by-step guide how to change the language of a set of placeholders:

1. In this example we have two groups of placeholders, one set to English and one set to German.

2. Now, previewing the German 468x60 placeholder shows that it is displaying a German banner, just as it should.

3. So, let's change the language of these two placeholders. Click the new Edit button next to the name.

4. We select English as the new language and click "Update placeholders".

5. So in this example we actually already had an English placeholder with the size of 300x250. Since that language/size combination already exists we will ignore the German 300x250 placeholder, as shown in the message below.

6. And now we're done! All placeholders (that didn't already existed in the target language) are now set to the new language.

7. When previewing the 468x60 placeholder it's now set to English and is displaying English banners instead of German ones. Perfect!

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