Websites of today are getting all more and more responsive to the device and screen sizes that people are using. Responsive means that the thing in question, websites in this case, are adjusting accordingly to the device the viewer is using to browse the website. Websites are however not the only thing that can be responsive, banners can be so as well and when a banner is responsive then it will adjust it's size to the container in which it is placed on a website, which is really great if you have a lot of mobile viewers since the banners will be adjusted to the mobile screen.

Making BannerFlow banners responsive isn't harder then the click of a button or two.

Start of by clicking either the Publish button in the banner set or the Publish button corresponding to a specific banner.

Then follow the publish wizard to the last step and you will find the setting called Responsive size to the left.

If you check the option in the box the banner will be responsive.

The responsive parameter will be added to all embed codes and will make the banner(s) responsive. This means that the width of the banner will be 100% instead of the fixed size of the banner. 

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