What’s a politely loading banner and what good does it make? 

As an advertiser you’d be happy to get a couple of seconds at the most of your customers time. You would probably also have to fight for attention from other advertisers’ surrounding display banners. To make sure your banner is loaded quickly, BannerFlow’s “polite loading” loads the Fallback image initially while the page is loading.
 What "Polite loading" does is that the banner-placement first loads the fallback-image for the banner and waits for the HTML5 banner and it's content to be loaded. Once loaded, the fallback-image will seamlessly be replaced by the HTML5 banner.
Polite loading is turned on by default. You can find the setting if you click the Publish button in the banner set or the Publish button corresponding to a specific banner. Then follow the publishing wizard to the last step and you will find the setting to the left. It's called Optimize loading time here. 

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