Bannerflow banners are compatible with's website building tool although even if it may look a bit different compared to how you normally use our scripts it's actually fairly straight forward.

1. On your Wix website, add a HTML app to your site by clicking on Add -> Apps, then choose HTML app in the list of apps.

2. In the mode section of the HTML app there are two options, Website address and HTML code - Choose HTML code.

3. In the HTML code section, simply paste your embed code.

4. Now here's the different part, in order for our banners to work in Wix's HTML app, some configurations to the embed code has to be appended. Add the following to the embed code.
The embed code should looks something like this:

<script src='//'></script>

5. After the embed code add this to the HTML code:

<div id="banner-container"></div>

👉  Please note that the id has to match the container name. 

6. Click on Update and the banner should appear in the HTML app.

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