In order to maintain structure and logic in all the banners and banner sets you're creating, folders are there for you in order to accommodate for exactly this. Folders can contain any amount of banner sets as well as sub folders and there is no limit to how many levels down in the folder hierarchy you can setup.

Creating folders

Folders are super easy to create, all you have to do is to click on New folder.

Then enter the folder name and click Add folder. 

Managing folders

Folders are extremely easy to manage and works almost the same way as your own desktop's folder management does.

Moving folders

Moving folders as well as banner sets into each other folders is as easy as just moving the selected row on top of a non-selected folder. If you want to move multiple folders, either click and drag to make a multi selection, press CTRL/CMD and click on specific ones or make a multiselection by first selecting a row and then selecting a second row while pressing SHIFT and all rows in-between will be selected as well (note that this will also select banner sets if there are any between the selections).
In addition, if you want to move the selection to a specific folder, that perhaps is within a different folder then you may use "Move to" found in the action bar. Upon clicking "Move to", a popover will appear where you browse through all your folders and choose where the selection should be moved to.

Deleting folders

If you by chance would like to delete a folder, all you have to to select the folder you want to delete and then click on Delete in the action bar.

👉  Please note: It is only possible to delete folders that are empty.

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