Banner sets Overview

Banner sets contains the banners you create in Bannerflow. All banners created within a specific banner set are by default listed in an ascending order with the smallest banner topmost (based on the width). It is possible filter the banners by language and format size.

Inside banner sets

Four features of the banner sets have been highlighted and explained below:

  1. The name can be changed at any time, click on the text, edit it to your liking and hit enter or anywhere else and it will be saved.
  2. The Add New size button is always available as the first item in the banner sets, followed by your banners if you have any.
  3. Banner list lists all banners in the banner sets.
  4. The versions panel lets you translate texts in your banners painlessly to any language or versions of the same language.

When you enter an empty banner set it will look like the image below shows.

However, the banner set will appear empty (as on the image above and below) and will not have certain settings and functionality but that is because we have just created the banner set. As soon as you have created a banner then you'll see more features appear.

Use the suggested size or just change to the size you want among the the different standards or add your own size. When you hover over the blank area, the "Start from scratch button" will appear, click there to start creating your banner from scratch.

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