The Banner Builder is the core of BannerFlow and is where all banners are built, designed and edited.

💡 Learn more: Read the articles in the building banners- section to get the most out from everything you can do in the Banner Builder. Building banners 🔗.  

The Banner Builder is easy, user friendly and requires no knowledge of coding. Everything can be dragged and dropped or more around on the screen which makes it easy to place new elements in your banners or realign things you have already placed out.

It is also possible to change the background of the canvas by clicking anywhere but on a placed element and then clicking on Background and then setting the color, either by choosing the color picker or by entering a Hexadecimal color code.

Text is also easy to work with. By simply dragging and dropping text styles from the media library you can give your banners a whole new meaning. Once placed on the canvas, double click on the text to edit it. You can then change the text's style, eg. color, font size or give it a drop shadow by having the text field selected and setting the styles in the style panel on the left hand side.

☝️ Tip: You don't have to be in text editing mode in order to change it's style, just keep it selected.

When you are happy with your banner, go ahead and save it. The banner will be shown in the banner set once you have saved the banner in the Banner Builder.

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