One of the powerful features that Bannerflow has to offer is the ability to create banners of different sizes with ease. With Bannerflow you can always use your already created banners as base when you create new sizes. That saves a lot of time copy pasting elements. To add a new size, all you have to do is to click on Create new banner.

Select the size you want to add or use the input fields below to type it in. 

The option to the right, reuse this design, allows you to easily base your new size on any other existing size in the banner set. The list of sizes also shows the banners names so that you can easy separate your different banners. Smart resize is selected by default and means that Bannerflow will try to resize and position your elements in the best way. 

If you choose the option to the left, you will basically just start from scratch with a white canvas. This option is preferred if you want to create a completely new design in the same banner set. 

How reuse this design works 

Bannerflow will automatically give suggestions on sizes that have the closest proportions to the size you selected. As in the example above, if you have already created a 300x250 banner, then that size will be suggested when I add the 320x320. You may choose to base it on whichever you want by simply clicking on the suggested size to expand a drop down. The drop down will show you sizes and banner names and you can even search for banners here. 

Naturally, the more banners you have in your banner set, the easier and faster it will will be to add one more. 

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