To get started here, navigate to the public showcase link you have been given. Or
click on "Showcase" in the banner set open view, and then hit the "Preview" button.

Now that we have arrived in the Public showcase there are a range of things we can do.

Such as:

  • Filter banner sizes and text versions
  • Play, pause and restart our banners
  • View the banners in "Focus view", a darker environment with no distractions.
  • See all versions of your feeded banners
  • Comment on either individual banners, or the whole banner set
  • Approve specific or all banners for publication

Filter banners:

Simply select the sizes or text versions that you wish to view from the drop down filter menu near the top of the page. This can be pre-selected from the advanced options feature before sending the link.

Navigate to Play, pause, focus view, feed preview and more:
These buttons are located in the top right corner of each format section. See the below image for the different icons in the top right corner.

Play, pause and restart banner playback:

Use the controls in the top right corner of each banner to review the quality of the banner design, animations and playback.

Focus view:

View each of your banners with a darker background to get a feel for how they will look in different webpages. Toggle between sizes, approve, comment and pause from within the focus view.

Preview feeded banners:

Have you used our feeds module and connected live data to a banner? See all of the versions of your feeded banners side by side to ensure that all versions fit properly.

Add comments and feedback:

Write comments on either the individual banners, by clicking the speech bubble icon below each banner, or scroll to the top of the screen to add comments to the whole banner set. Remember: you can hide comments from the "advanced options" feature when sending your public showcase to people in order to control who sees what information.

Approve for publication:

Are you happy with the creatives? Time to push them live? Let your team know by approving either individual banners, below each ad, or the whole banner set, at the top of the page.

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