Gone are the days of sending files back and forth, and following an email chain with 50 replies from 5 different people. With our built in public showcase you can allow users and non-users of Bannerflow to collaborate on your work, without ever leaving the platform. And more, the link will always be updated in real-time as you continue to make changes.

Getting started

To open the Public showcase, first, navigate to your banner set in the list view, and click on the chosen banner set. Then click on the "Showcase" button near the top right corner, in the banner set open view.

In order to have complete control of who sees what, use the "advanced options" feature in the now opened dialog.

Here you can:

  • Show full width (in case of responsive banners)
  • Hide comments
  • Filter your banner set by certain formats, text versions or approval status
  • Password protect your creatives
  • Or email directly to those who need to review your work.

You are also provided with a link which you can send manually to anybody who needs access. 

Continue reading the next article 🔗 to learn more about commenting and approving creatives in the public showcase.

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