Introduction to banner sets

Banner sets contains the banners you create in Bannerflow. In a banner set you typically create a banner design that you scale out to different size and versions or languages. All banners created within a specific banner set are by default listed in an ascending order with the smallest banner topmost.

Create a banner set

In order to start creating banners with Bannerflow you need to access the list view. The list view is where all your banner sets are listed and managed, you create new, search for and filter all banner sets available on the brand. 

Banner sets are easy to create and there are no limits on how many you can create. Upon clicking New banner set, a small popup will open that allow you to enter the details about the banner set, it's name, labels and set a feed if it is to be feeded with data. Then click "Create banner set" to create it. 

Then you will be taken to the banner set view which is where all the magic happens. You can always go back and forth between your banner sets, just make sure that changes you make are saved.

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