About Bannerflow

BannerFlow is a web-based application which allows anyone to create and manage large volumes of HTML5 banners, in different languages and size-formats, in a very short time.

For the best Bannerflow experience make sure that you have javascript enabled and a modern browser that is up-to-date.

The basics

The workflow of Bannerflow primarily consists of three steps

  • Create
  • Translate
  • Publish

Create ✏️

The creation of banners is the core function of Bannerflow. Banner creation takes place in banner sets. Banner sets act as containers in which you can organize and create your banners. Each banner set is able to contain as many banners as you want, but it is recommended that you make additional banner sets dependent on theme in order to keep your banners easy to find.
Banners are built in the Banner Builder and when saved compiled into a javascript file that renders your banner design with HTML5 and CSS3. These scripts are then automatically updated when changes are made to the banners; this is instantly reflected live on sites where the banner is located.

Translate or versioning 🗣

Another main feature of Bannerflow is the translation of banners into different languages. This feature allows you to translate all of your banners into any language in real time without having to change the design. For example; if you have English-language banners in the sizes 300x250, 160x600 and 250x250, and you add a Spanish translation to the banner sets, all the banners will automatically be created with the Spanish translation.

Publish 📤

Publishing your banners has never been as easy. With Bannerflow you are able to receive banner tags for all of your banners in all languages, or receive the banner tags for a specific banner that you just have to copy and either paste it on your site or send it to a publisher.

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