When you build landing pages in Bannerflow you might want to use your own domain for the landing pages so that it looks like a part of your website rather than Bannerflow. In order to achieve that we need to set up a custom domain for your landing pages. 

Follow the steps below to get your custom domain up and running: 

  1. Contact your Customer success manager or support@bannerflow.com and let them know that you want to set up a custom domain for your landing pages.  
  2. Decide what domain (usually a sub domain) you want to use for your landing pages. 
  3. Create a SSL certificate for the chosen domain. 
  4. Send the domain and the SSL certificate (Certificate, Private Key and CA-Bundle/Chain) to your Customer success manager. 
  5. After this we will send you a URL back, you then need to set up a CNAME in your DNS and point it to that URL. 
  6. Once that has been done, we'll then complete the setup on our end. Done! 

👉 Please note: If you work with more than one language you might want to have different domains for each language. You might need to create a certificate for each domain. But in some cases you can have the same certificate for multiple domains. 

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