What are feeded banners?

Feeds allows you to create banners that pull in live and automated content from sources such as your product base. By using technology such as web feeds, up-to-date information can be displayed in your online banners.

Creating feeded banners in Bannerflow is done in 2 steps:

  1. Adding a content feed source
  2. Adding the feed source to your banners

Watch the video above for a quick introduction to feeds in BannerFlow. 🎥

What is a web feed?

A web feed is a generic word for a web document with formatted data which provides frequently updated content. Commonly, web feeds are usually XML-based and can contain mostly any kind of data, such as words and sentences in any language, numeric values, image urls and links to any kind of web page and are henceforth often used by news websites and blogs to allow people to receive data without having to subscribe to a newsletter or email list. used for providing users with frequently updated content. Web feeds can also be JSON-based which is fairly the same as XML, the only thing that differs is the documents markup and structure(see examples down below), whilst both can be used in BannerFlow, JSON is often easier to read by humans.

Online advertisers are able to use web feeds in display advertisements to display changing and updating data to their audience. Feeded banners are hugely versatile. For example, a news websites might feature the latest headlines, or a gaming company may wish to show the latest sports fixtures on their banners using dynamic content. Online stores can also use dynamic content to display their product inventory directly.

👉  Example of banner with feeded content

The two samples below contain exactly the same data, the only thing that differentiates them between each other is that the first sample is XML whilst the latter is JSON.



Roth, Veronica

Dweck, Carol


"catalog": {
"book": [
"-id": "bk101",
"author": "Austen, Jane",
"title": "Pride and Prejudice",
"price": "$12",
"publish_date": "2014-01-01",
"image": "https://nordicfactory.host.bannerflow.com/pride-and-prejudice.jpg"
"-id": "bk102",
"author": "Roth, Veronica",
"title": "Allegiant",
"price": "$15",
"publish_date": "2013-10-01",
"image": "https://nordicfactory.host.bannerflow.com/allegiant.jpg"
"-id": "bk103",
"author": "Dweck, Carol",
"title": "Mindset",
"price": "$20",
"publish_date": "2014-01-01",
"image": "https://nordicfactory.host.bannerflow.com/mindset.jpg"
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