Adding feeds to a new banner

1. Select Banners in the menu to the right and then click the button "New banner set" to create a new banner set. Whilst you can add feeds to any of your existing banner sets, it is recommended to start a new banner set.

2. Name the banner set and then click Select feed...

Select the feed that you want to connect to your banner set. 

3. Choose the size of the banner you wish to start from and click "Start from scratch" to start making the banner. 

4. Design your banner as usual using any images, text, logos or backgrounds. To add feed elements, there are two different methods for images and for text. More instructions below! 

a) Add Feeded Text Elements

Add feeded text elements to your banner by using text elements as a placeholder. Select a text element, then drag and drop it onto the canvas. Double-click on the text element, and in the text box that appears, select the feed button, as shown below.

Now specify the feed text element you want on your banner by clicking on it.

And then your text box will display the value from that field from the feed. 

b) Add Feeded Image Elements

Add feeded image elements by simply dragging the dropping the Image displayer widget onto the canvas. 

Double click on the element and then select the feed button. 

Select this and then add the image element that you want on your banner as. 

The image displayer widget will now display the image from the feed: 

Once you have added the feed to your banners you can continue to edit and animate them as you would to a normal banner. Select the Preview button to view your design. Please note that one loop of your banner displays one part from the feed.

When you are finished, save your banner, and add new sizes as usual.

Add translations and targeted feeds

1. It is possible to add versions and translations to your feeded banners as you would normally as well as add targeted dynamic content to each of your versions. You can do this by adding a new version and saving it.

2. Click "Edit"...

...and then add the feed you want to use for this version and save.

3. Once you have completed your banner set, you are able to export your banners as usual to start your banner set! 

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