Here's a list of expressions that can be applied to the feed value in order to manipulate the output value to your liking. All expressions can be combined and is executed inwards out as seen visually.

Numeric expressions

Text/string expressions

List manipulation


👉  Note that dateconvert takes 4 arguments; UTC-from (numeral), UTC-to (numeral), Format, Language.

🔗  See all date patterns here.
🔗  See currency rates here.




Any expression and/or value can be combined, this is useful if you want to type out complete messages that includes values from the feed.

Advanced JSONPath

JSONPath is the structural language that allows to find and select the data a specific field should represent.

👉  Please note: XML feeds are still eligible for usage in BannerFlow despite JSONPath being utilized. The paths will work out of the box nonetheless.

JSONPath expressions

Selection filters

👉  Note that any value comparisons has to be encased with apostrophes (')

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