When you work with feed banners it's common that you also want to link what is displayed in your banner to the correct page. 

1. Start by going to Feeds in your Bannerflow account and open the feed that you want to add a deep link to. 

2. Now select the specific field or fields that you want to add the target URL to. When expanding the field you can click the Advanced settings to be able to add a target URL. If you want to have a dynamic URL you should click the tre dots to the right to pick the link path from the feed source. This path is used in the example below: $.bettingOffer.match[*].link

When I use this path as the Target URL, my banners will always click through to the corresponding item shown. 

3. If you already built your banners using the fields that you added the deep links to, the design elements in Bannerflow connected to those fields will now automatically be deep linked. So for example, if you linked the field MatchTeams, the text box in the banner displaying the teams will go to the link from the feed when clicked. 

4. If you want to link the whole banner to the feeded link, you have some more steps to do! 

Open the banner builder and add a textbox and make it fill the canvas. Also make sure it's on top and that is covers the timeline. Then drag down the transparency to 0% to hide the text field completely in the banner. 

5. Last but not least, connect the transparent text field to any of the fields that you added the deep link to. 

Double click the text field and click the feed icon. 

Select the field to connect it to.

Done! 🎉

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