The YouTube™ Player allows videos to be played in your banners by utilizing videos from YouTube™ and serves the purpose of helping with creating eye-catching banners with a lot of motion.

👉  Please note: If the YouTube video has monetization enabled, both pre-roll ads as well as inline text ads may be shown in the actual video/widget.

How to use

The YouTube™ player is used by dragging and dropping the widget to the banner canvas, double-clicking it and inserting a URL to where it's located. You may also insert a link to a playlist and the player will then run the playlist instead.


Your video has to be Unlisted or Public.

Settings ⚙️

There's a bunch of settings available for the video player found in the style panel which allow you to tweak the playback of the video to your liking. Below is a list of all settings and what they do.

Mouse interaction: Enables mouse interaction which may be needed to utilise any of the interactive elements and settings. 

Autoplay: Defines whether or not the video should automatically start playing once it’s in focus. 

Loop: Defines whether or not the video should loop once it reached the end time.

Controls: Defines whether or not the video controls should be visible or not.
👉 Please note: Some elements in the controls can be removed depending on the width of the video player. 

Start time: Defines on which second of the video it should start playing on. Defined in seconds. 

End time: Defines on which second of the video it should end playing on. Defined in seconds.

Volume (0-100%): Sets the default volume of the video (if the video contains audio). This is also the volume level that will be used if “Sound on click” or “Sound on hover” is On. 

Click for sound: Enables the sound (based on Volume) when clicking on the video. This setting overrides controls. Mutes the video when mouse pointer is no longer on top of the video.
👉 Please note: This setting only works if Autoplay is ON

Hide fallback image on mobile devices: Defines whether or not the fallback image should be displayed on mobile devices. If On, a static image (the videos thumbnail image) will be displayed. Of Off, nothing will be displayed. 

Loop with banner: Allows the video to continuously play even if the banner loops. 

Force quality: Allows you to set a fixed quality on the video. Default uses the default set on youtube.
👉 Please note: The video need to exist in the selected quality or lower for youtube to show it in that quality. 

Pre-load video: Displays the video's thumbnail whilst the video is buffering which allows for better and seamless loading. 

Playable on mobile: If on, the video will play on mobile by showing a play button. If off, the video player will be hidden on all mobile devices. 

👉  Please note: YouTube™ videos can not automatically play on mobile and tablet devices due to power and bandwidth saving policies specified by the mobile operative system owners (iOS - Apple, Android - Google, Windows - Microsoft) and by decision by Google/YouTube themselves. Due to this, we've decided to display a static frame instead.

For inline playback on Mobile and Tablet devices, please refer to our Video player 🔗.

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