The YouTube™ Player allows videos to be played in your banners by utilizing videos from YouTube™ and serves the purpose of helping with creating eye-catching banners with a lot of motion.

👉  Please note: If the YouTube video has monetization enabled, both pre-roll ads as well as inline text ads may be shown in the actual video/widget.

How to use

The YouTube™ player is used by dragging and dropping the widget to the banner canvas, double-clicking it and inserting a URL to where it's located. You may also insert a link to a playlist and the player will then run the playlist instead.


Your video has to be Unlisted or Public.

Settings ⚙️

There's a bunch of settings available for the video player found in the style panel which allow you to tweak the playback of the video to your liking. Below is a list of all settings and what they do.

👉  Please note: YouTube™ videos can not automatically play on mobile and tablet devices due to power and bandwidth saving policies specified by the mobile operative system owners (iOS - Apple, Android - Google, Windows - Microsoft) and by decision by Google/YouTube themselves. Due to this, we've decided to display a static frame instead.

For inline playback on Mobile and Tablet devices, please refer to our Video player 🔗.

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