The widget, Product feed navigation, can be added to any banner that pulls the data from a feed source. The widget will add two arrows to the banner and the arrows will  allow the user to navigate through your feed. The widget is great for displaying sport games and odds such as the example below, but it's also perfect for displaying products for retail companies. 

How to use it? 

Start by searching for it in the media library and drag and drop it to the canvas. 

Resize it and place it on top of your banner! 

👉 Please note: The widget needs to be placed on top of your banner since the arrows are interactive. It's recommended to make it cover as small part of the banner as possible (see image below) since they may block the clicks from other interactive elements in the banner.

Now use the style panel to adjust the settings. The settings allow you to decide the behaviour and the design of the arrows. 


Mouse interaction: Enables mouse interaction which is needed so that the user can click and interact with the buttons. 

Button style: Select the arrow style. You can choose the circle, half circle, only the arrows or the square style. 

Button color: Defines the color of the button (the circle, half circle or square).

Arrow color: Defines the color of the arrow inside the button. 

Loop with banner: Defines if the banner should switch to the next item in the feed when the banner loops (ON), or always show the first item until the user clicks the next arrow (OFF).

Auto navigate: Defines if the banner should automatically change to the next item in the feed. Similar to Loop with banner but this option is independent of the loops. Instead this setting is depending on Auto navigate interval (sec)

Auto navigate interval (sec): Defines the time interval in seconds in which the banner should automatically change to to the next item in the feed. 

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