All banners are translatable if the banners has some kind of text element, whether it is a normal text or a button.

The versions panel is where all versions and translations on each text are made and is located on the right side in each banner set but the best part is, all editing of the versions are seen in real time.

Adding a versions

It is possible to add additional versions for your banners.

Click on "Add version". This will open the Add version window.

You can from here select a language that you want a version for and choose which Target URL it should have by default in the current banner set.a. If you want to add other languages that you currently don't have added to your account then you can do so by clicking on Other language... in the drop-down list that appears when you click on a versions.

Click on Add version to add the version to your banner set. The language will be appended to the list in your banner set and you can freely jump between your versions.

Every text field found in the versions panel will update the banner in real-time on the page on editing each respective text. Make sure you hit the save button when you are done with your version. All changes made in Bannerflow WILL be reflected on your live banners placed on websites within a few minutes so keep in mind what you are editing.

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