In order for you to take advantage of our unique scaling, we have made sure all the text elements in a banner set is linked across formats and sizes. This will allow you to update the text in a whole banner set in seconds. Simply update the text in one place, and all banners will automatically be updated. 

But this is not always the case, sometimes you want to update certain banners without affecting other, this we will also go through further down in this article. 

Video tutorial 📹

Linked texts 

When you create your first banner in a banner set, and then scale it out to more sizes, the same text will be appear in all the other banners you add. 

This also means you can edit any banner in the banner set, changing the text in the text-box, and the text will be changed across all other sizes. 

However, this will not happen if you drag in a new text field from the media library into a banner. This new text will not be connected to the others. 

👉 Please note: It’s only the text that is linked! If you make a design change (using style panel or changing the layout) it will only affect a specific size. 

You may have seen a dialog pop up when you save and exit from editing a banner. The dialog asks you if you want to merge texts or not. But what does it mean? 

The reason why you get this dialog when you exit the banner is because Bannerflow has detected two text fields containing the exact same text. 

Merge means that the two text fields with the same content will be merged to one. This means that the banners using two different text fields now share the same text element and are linked. 

Don’t merge means that the two text fields with the same text will continue to be handled as two separate texts. It also means that you will have en extra text field to edit in the versions and translations panel.

The recommended option in the dialog is Merge since it’s not necessary to have multiple text fields with the exact same content.

The only reason not to merge the texts is if you know that you need to change that text in that banner later without changing the text in all banners in the banner set. 

In the versions and translations panel you can access all your text fields used in the whole banner set. If you work with a lot of different texts in your different formats. 

For example if you use ‘Don’t merge’ a lot, it’s a good idea is to name the text fields so that you know which one is used where. Here is how you do that: 

1. In the editor, mark a text box in your banner and click at the text in the style panel. 

2. Click on the text that you want to add a name for and start typing.  

3. And why not name all text fields? Look how nice and clear it looks. And the best thing of all, these names are now visible in the versions and translations panel for your copywriters and translators to see!   

Connect and disconnect texts 

From this dialog, it is also possible to connect a text in the banner you are in to another text that exists in the banner set. 

An example scenario of when you need to do this could be that you have two versions of the same headline: one short version for smaller sizes and one long version for the larger banners. 

If you create a quite small banner but you reused the design from a larger one with the same ratio, you might want to change to the short copy. The GIF below will show you the steps: 

It’s also possible to disconnect a text from the rest of the banner sizes.

Disconnecting a text means that Bannerflow will create a new text field that is only used in this size. That means that you can edit the text in this size without changing the other banner sizes. This can be used when creating a new short versions of the headline, like we do in the previous example. But it can also be useful if you need to have special text in this specific banner. 

1. To disconnect a text, start by marking a text field on the canvas and then click on the text in the style panel to the left. 

2. In the text dialog, press the disconnect button. 

3. When the button has been clicked, a copy of the text will be created. 

You can name the text if you want too. In my previous example I would have named it “short headline”. 

When you click save, the text you see on the canvas can now be changed without changing any other banner in the banner set. 

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